Fixed Intrest Securities

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Fixed Interest Securities

DHP Finance Consultants offers a variety of fixed interest investment options that provide you with the highest return while matching your liquidity requirements. Fixed interest products including term deposits, bonds and floating rate notes often play an important role in our clients’ investment strategies. In times of increased market volatility, fixed interest investments act to provide a stabilising influence whilst delivering attractive rates of return.

Term Deposits

DHP Finance Consultants offers a unique term deposit service for our clients (minimum investment $100,000) enabling our clients to invest easily and efficiently with a wide range of major financial institutions and banks. Clients find this service useful to assess available market interest rates and for the efficient execution of the necessary paperwork.

The benefits of investing through DHP Finance Consultants are:

Listed Fixed Interest

The ASX listed fixed interest market now includes both hybrid securities (fixed interest securities with equity characteristics) fixed and floating rate securities and government securities.

DHP Finance Consultants is regularly appointed joint manager on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the listed fixed interest market, ensuring our clients have priority access to new issues, adding diversity in client portfolios through a range of blue-chip Australian corporates and banks. As a key arranger in this significant, emerging Australian market, DHP Finance Consultants is now a major participant in the secondary market trading of these securities. This ensures our clients have access to all the transparency and liquidity that the ASX can provide.

Unlisted Fixed Interest

DHP Finance Consultants has established a strong presence in the unlisted or “professional” fixed income market. This provides clients with access to:

Additionally, DHP Finance Consultants has the ability to trade bonds issued by Australian banks and corporates in a range of foreign currencies. We can provide custodial services, thereby including clients’ fixed interest positions in their reporting, depending on which services clients utilise. This adds to the existing capabilities in the ASX listed fixed interest market, providing our clients with a greater choice of securities in which to invest, and access to notes higher in the capital structure senior and subordinated debt.