Managed Investment Services

Investments into Australia can be made through a variety of different structures, each of which have different consequences for tax purposes.

Under Australian law, Under the Managed Investment Trust investors who are a resident of Australia has an effective exchange of information on taxation matters are eligible for a reduced rate of tax on fund payments from a Managed Investment Trust.

DHP Finance Consultants are considered one of the best providers of trustee, custody and investment manager services to managed investment trusts in Australia. We are able to assist with both establishing and maintaining a managed investment trust.

DHP Consultants Australian Financial Services Licensees are authorised to act as Trustee and investment manager to MITs. The role of the Trustee includes:

DHP Finance Consultants are a leading provider of trustee services in Australia with trusts with investments across various asset classes including property, infrastructure and equity. DHP Finance Consultants currently acts as Trustee of in excess of 178 trusts with in excess of $19bn of assets.

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